From Nags to Riches – what a great story
A severely neglected foal that was rescued from the brink of death has gone from nags to riches after being transformed into a successful race horse.
Charity Rainbow, a thoroughbred horse, was found with six other malnourished animals in two stables owned by a former RSPCA worker.
The horses were so hungry that they had resorted to eating the wooden fencing.

They hadn’t been mucked out for so long that two foot of manure had built up against the stable doors, making them impossible to open.
The Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies (SWHP) were alerted to their suffering
by a neighbour of the unnamed man and rescued the horses.
One foal died due to malnourishment and five others were later rehomed as riding horses after recovering from their ordeal.

The remaining horse, eight-month-old aptly named Charity Rainbow, was also nursed back to good health and was spotted by horse trainer Tor Sturgis who was impressed by her pace.
She recommended her to top racing trainer Brendan Powell who brought her to his stables in Lambourn, Berks, earlier this year.
Charity Rainbow has recently completed her first two mile flat race as an introduction, with Mr Powell, who won the Grand National in 1988 as a jockey, confident she will go on to be a success.

Taken on her Rescue:


Nags to Riches


Taken Recently at the Brendan Powell Stables:

Mr Powell said: 'Charity Rainbow is showing us a lot of potential on the gallops with plenty of pace.
'She is a very genuine horse and from what she shows us at home we are very hopeful that she will go on to be successful.
'She has been an absolute darling. Considering what she went through at the start of her life to now get on a race track is unbelievable.”
The horse was rescued in 2008 from the run down stables in Monmouthshire, south Wales.