2 December 2019

In line with their focus on maintaining open lines of communication and serving the needs of thoroughbred breeders, Bloodstock South Africa have announced the appointment of Alistair Gordon as their Vendor Liaison Officer.
An accomplished and respected horseman, and a trainer of top horses over 45 years, Alistair Gordon will be visiting vendors throughout the year with the intention of building bridges and enhancing the relationship between Bloodstock South Africa and breeders.

In welcoming Alistair to South Africa’s oldest sales company, BSA CEO Michael Holmes said that the intention was always to continue innovating in finding best local solutions for both buyers and vendors.

“It is no secret that we are trading in tough times. Adding value for buyers means ensuring world-class and professional sales facilities and a quality product. Although overlapping in some respects, our breeders also face their own challenges. They live, eat and sleep the process for 365 days a year. We need to ensure that we are providing them with the tools to optimise their returns. That is in respect of a spectrum of needs from sales programming, right through to infrastructural support.”

Holmes went on to add that Alistair Gordon’s appointment was key to strengthening ties between BSA and breeders.

“Alistair is an extremely popular and well liked member of the racing and breeding community. He knows and understands the game and speaks the language of the industry. He is looking forward to the challenge,” he added.

Alistair commences in his new position with immediate effect.